As investments pick up in 2017 and 2018, it is imperative to be able to recognize change and bring that intelligence into play before final risk decisions are made.  Our deep understanding of decision theory and behavioral economics allows you to position yourself ahead of the next investment cycle to reap an early harvest.  

Risk Mitigation: Early pre-investment intelligence before approval and funding of strategic initiatives such as:

•    Market Entry
•    Market Share Growth
•    Mergers and Acquisitions
•    Reorganizations  

Predictive Decision Analysis: We are known for delivering high quality, “hard to get” human intelligence and competitive insight to our clients.  

Industry Network Engagement:  EMA brings unique experience to finding points of entry into relevant buying groups.

Our value to you is based on our intelligence analysts being able to help you check industry assumptions against on-the-ground intelligence to uncover both opportunities and risks for future planning.  

Our process begins with targeting and collecting target market intelligence.  The intelligence is then carefully analyzed and mapped.  A summary report with findings, answers to key questions, insights and recommendations is delivered in a facilitated session with the executive team.  

Here are Examples of exactly what an Intelligence Agency does...


Cross-Industry Innovation Summit September 20-21 2016                         Space Center Houston

"How Different Industries Harvest Innovation"  

EMA in Norway                                     Sponsored by INTSOK, Kluge, DnB November 7-11 2016                             Venues to be annnounced

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Global Hyper Competition: Impact of a Volatile Commodity Market on Buyer Behavior in Oil and Gas 

Understanding U.S. Buying Behavior 





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