• What are the right entry points for Odfjell Drilling business lines to maximize pull through? 
  • What is the Odfjell’s most compelling competitive differentiation to capture key customers? 
  • Are there local channel partners who can improve access for accelerated growth? 
  • What are the key risk elements and associated costs?

Services:  Market Risk Analysis & Strategic Partner Selection

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  • Where is the highest profit potential?
  • Because many of the reservoir engineering service firms specialize in certain disciplines, which subset of these is a good match strategically?
  • Who are the best candidates for acquisition and why?
  • Who do we recommend and why?

Services:  Mergers & Acquisitions

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  • Is the U.S./GoM market primed to adopt offshore slop treatment systems?
  • What competitive forces will Nature Group be facing on the market?
  • What are the preliminary operational issues that need to be evaluated and prioritized before market entry?

Services:  Market Risk Analysis

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  • What are the key factors and decision criteria used by companies deciding to enter the US market?
  • What are the differences in the buying process and value propositions from home market to new market?
  • How do you build an effective international Value Proposition?
  • How do decision makers make their buying choices?

Services:  Funded Research