What Does an Intelligence Agency Do?

Do you need to understand how the global financialization of the industry has affected your value proposition?

  We do that.

Do you want to know what the market really says behind everyone’s back?

  We do that.

Do you want to learn how to analyze your market research data against the reality of the behavioral economics on the ground?

  We do that.

Strategic Advisory Services

Our Strategic Advisory Services are based on EMA’s Dynamic Buying Behavior Model ©2015 technology.  Effectively leveraging our global network of in-country advisors, our intelligence gathering and analysis process allows our clients to identify and mitigate their off-spreadsheet competitive risks and find the dislocated value opportunities in an ever-changing market. 

Knowledge Transfer Workshops and Training

  • Behavioral Economics: Effective Intelligence Analysis
  • Value Proposition Development
  • International Business Development

Funded Research

A large part of EMA’s intellectual assets come from our on-going experience mapping research.  Working with our international government, industry and non-profit sponsors, we are actively investigating the following subjects:       


Qualitative Research utilizes open-ended questions to obtain in-depth answers.  By using our "open narrative" intelligence gathering format buyers are free to share their thoughts, allowing us to uncover the most authentic and truthful information.

Using our proprietary process allows you to verify your current market hypotheses and minimize risks due to faulty decision making in a volatile market.  Accurate Human Intelligence is often the key factor in uncovering dislocated value opportunities.



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The Houston-based Trade Commission of the Consulate of Canada needed some help with their three-year old program to connect Canadian businesses with the Houston oil and gas industry. They chose Energy Markets Access (EMA) and its president, John Hurter.
— Maria Bofill, Trade Commissioner Consulate Of Canada